Randomly …

Greil Marcus said of Lester Bangs… “he was also a man with a job…” Bangs was prolific – pounding out thousands of words that never made it into print. Reportedly, he was also honest. He had a sloppy kind of dignity.

There’s a great piece about Bangs as literary mentor by Maria Bustillos from the New Yorker Blog a few years back. You can find it here.

Chrissie Hynde  does not like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I suspect Lester Bangs would agree.

I’m disposing of a LOT of paper. In those stacks: work I planned and never got to, work I completed I don’t remember doing.

So many teaching notes.

Every day on the internets there’s some new chatter about higher education and its problems, which are many and legion. I have something to say about all of that but not quite yet.

I am not now and have never been an academic, even though I have taught college composition courses for 20 years, more or less. This disclaimer has much more to do with habits of mind than with being an adjunct all of that time. When I worked for corporations I was so desperate to get out. To teach was to do something meaningful, I imagined then. Something thoughtful.  I was positive teaching would keep me on a path that was connected to what is good and true and right with the world – but this really had nothing much at all to do with scholarly interests or pursuits.

I can not imagine my life if I had not gone to college. If I had not met people who loved books and loved to talk about books. For some people college was not or is not necessary to engage in these and other thoughtful activities. But for me, being affiliated in some way with a university has always been a kind of class insurance. It turns out that insurance is bogus after all. But. Still.

Not long ago I found an entry in one of my old notebooks that said something like: “Worst case scenario I get a job and go to law school at night.” That was a few years before I got a job and went to law school at night.

Tattoo on a young woman at the bar: on one thigh “feminist” on the other “killjoy.”

I’ve been going to the library lately. The main Carnegie Library where you can walk around and discover not only random books but musical scores, small nooks in which to read or doze, and helpful librarians. It smells pulpy and ancient. They still use fans. Take that, Amazon.

Lots of activity at the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain this early evening.


Who decides what animals will populate any given merry-go-round?



One thought on “Randomly …

  1. In more ways than I can count, these blog entries always resonate long after they’re read. Thank you for laying it out.

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