Welcome. This blog is named after Pattern 156,  Settled Work, in Christopher Alexander’s book A Pattern Language.  If you don’t know about Alexander and his work, this  hyperlink takes you to his Pattern Language site, and you might find it helpful to look at the Wikipedia entries on the term Pattern Language, and on the book itself.

While Alexander’s notion of  “settled work” is an inspiration and a touchstone for much of what I’ll say here, it’s a springboard for my words, not a structure. The words settled and work together have had various meanings over time and I mean for you to take them at face value as referring to honest, committed work that matters and that merits doing.








3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nemoto. Your blog directly transmits blessing to this monk who understands: samsara/nirvana are the same, the same, the same self-forgetting/self-remembering path to one’s true nature. The same. In joy, mc

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